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I love this perspective on longevity Anu! I particularly liked the alternates like 'resonance' as a KPI to measure success. Thank you for continuing to share your unique insights. You are inspiring a lot of us around the world.

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I really enjoyed your post! But it's truly inspirable to explore the long-standing companies. That's what always has caught my attention during my time spent in Japan. It's worth noting that out of the top 10 oldest companies listed, 6 of them are Japanese. You can find the complete list on Wikipedia at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_oldest_companies.

Let's take Nintendo as an excellent example of a company that adheres to its "core competency," which is the fundamental concept behind what the company produces or offers. In Nintendo’s case, it’s “how to create fun” and that allows the company to adapt and thrive amidst changing technologies and the world around it.

Some sort of Job-to-be-done but on the era scale.

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❤️ 🫡

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