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There are quite a few definitions of the phrase “working theory,” but these are among two of my favorites that inspire me:

“Working theories are a way in which children draw on and apply ideas and understandings accumulated from their personal and social experiences, in order to make sense of their world.” [The Education Hub]

“A working hypothesis is a hypothesis that is provisionally accepted as a basis for further ongoing research in the hope that a tenable theory will be produced, even if the hypothesis ultimately fails … The term "working" indicates that the hypothesis is subject to change.” [Wikipedia]

My essays are my working theories, ideas, and rich (if incomplete) hypotheses based on my personal and professional experiences.

Everyone says to pick a lane, but I’ve been deep in so many worlds — the arts, medicine, and business — and from many angles. So while I’ll often write about 3 things — creative work, modern life, and the psyche of the ambitious — my theories won’t be in one lane. P.S. Feel free to suggest a topic that you’d want me to opine on too.

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Anu Atluru

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